You don’t pay if we don’t collect!


Judgment Recovery
If you want to turn you judgment over to judgment collection professionals then the full service option is right for you. We have extensive experience with both commercial and retail collections. Whether you are a law firm or attorney, a corporation with a full collection portfolio, or an individual with a single judgment to collect, we have the resources and knowledge to help.

Assignment: Once our company has reviewed and approved your case your will receive an Assignment of Judgment form. We will file the form with the appropriate court. This gives us the legal authority to act on your behalf in pursuing the judgment debtor and collecting your money.

Research: After you have returned the form to us, we will begin thorough research on the debtor. We have access to state of the art proprietary databases. Information not available to the general public. Our experienced investigators will develop an in depth profile of your debtor.

Strategy: Every debtor and every case is unique. With a comprehensive debtor profile we will develop a strategy specifically designed to collect from your debtor.Because we are confident in our abilities to help you collect the money owed to you, we work on contingency. In other words, we don't get paid unless we are successful at collecting money for you so you have nothing to lose.We accept quality judgments with a principal amount owed of $5,000 and above. If you are interested in a free consultation contact us via the email or phone number listed at the top of this page and a member of our staff will contact you, generally within 24 hours.

Judgment Recovery In the U.S. approximately 80% of all judgments go uncollected. Currently, there are approximately $200 billion in uncollected judgments. We have over a decade of experience in judgment enforcement and judgment collection. If you have a judgment we can help you collect it. The Judgment Collection Company operates NATIONWIDE.

Asset Search We offer a full range services including skip tracing and asset searches. Skip trace and asset search services are available to attorneys, licensed private investigators, individuals, and corporations with a valid money judgment. With a filed civil action skip trace and asset search are available only to attorneys and licensed private investigators.