You don’t pay if we don’t collect!

Medical and Dental Collections

Hospital, Clinic, Ambulatory and Urgent Care Services

CCB offers start to finish facility billing. Services include:

  • Initial billing of claims via electronic or paper.
  • Clean claims submission, all bills are reviewed prior to submission to verify that all information is accurate, and payable.
  • A/R follow-up – the process does not stop after the initial billing, we will follow up to make sure that the bill is paid, paid correctly, and paid in a timely manner.
  • Certified Coders & Billers on staff to handle any coding or billing issues.
  • Patient billing. Data Processing/Reports:
  • Dunning Notices: Notices are generated for all accounts that are entered into our system. The frequency and notice type are determined by the specific strategy developed to maximize results for each individual client. The notices can be customized to accommodate your facilities unique situation.
  • Telephone Contact: Telephone calling is initiated immediately upon us receiving the file into our database. A tactful and professional approach is taken in all facets of the recovery process. CCB does not feel that a contact is just a "left message"; we would describe a contact as a phone conversation. At CCB our motto is "The squeaky wheel always gets oiled first."
  • Debtor Payment Plans: Payment in full is requested on initial collection call. A payment plan is only used when the patient is not able to make the payment in full. A payment plan criterion is agreed upon in the beginning with the client and CCB.
  • Payment Options: CCB offers several payment methods:
    1. Check by phone
    2. Payment books
    3. Credit card/debit card by phone
    4. Automatic withdrawals
  • Credit Reporting: CCB will report most of the accounts to all three credit agencies. Credit bureau reporting is subject to prior arrangement with the client.
  • Skip Tracing: CCB offers thorough skip tracing through our private investigators, the internet and credit bureau reports. This service is offered to clients automatically through our collections process. CCB also offers this service to outside clients for a minimal fee.
  • Timely closing of uncollectable amount so you are reimbursed accordingly.